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Baskin's Toad 2

Framing great art is more than fun; it’s an honor…


This portrait was done in a vintage style that looks as though it could have been done 100+ years ago; but our client’s young daughter is barely 20 today. Much interest and amazement was shared while it was in our frame shop. So glad we got to have it here for a little while…

What’s not to love about Autumn?


the gallery as a resource

Whether you’re looking for collectible art, or archival quality framing services, Connor Summers Gallery can provide you with choices that meet your highest expectations. Stop in and let us show you why our customers trust us with creating museum grade presentations for their valuable art collection, like this recently completed framing of a limited edition print by Picasso…


…or perhaps help you find the perfect piece of art for the special place you’ve been creating in your home or office to soothe or inspire you. Our collection of local artists, both contemporary and collectible, is interesting, compelling and incomparable. Our current collection includes Marcia Hermann, Janice Eaton Updike, Cathy Connor,  Jon Kodwyck, Gordon Przybyla, Jim Mickelson and Michael Updike.

Great artwork deserves a great frame

So,… what do you need(?)…an art director, a graphic designer, or an interior decorator? Maybe all you need is a good framer who understands color and presentation; who uses conservation and simplicity as a guideline for choosing the perfect materials to bring your treasured artwork or heirloom to a new life on your wall.

Luminist Landscape by Wm. McCarthy oil on museum board  in solid cherry wood frame