Jim Mickelson paintings @CSG

In mid-December we received 7 paintings by the late Newburyport artist, Jim Mickelson, on consignment from someone who had relocated to another area of the country. Jim was greatly
loved and admired here in Newburyport, both for his paintings and for his friendly manner,
so the owner of these paintings decided to allow us to show the work, and offer it for sale on
consignment to our gallery.
The response by the local community has been overwhelming; indeed three of the pieces sold
within ten days of their arrival. Interested parties should contact the gallery by phone,
978-462-9196; or email info@connorsummers.com


2 thoughts on “Jim Mickelson paintings @CSG

  1. Knew Jim well when we both lived in Rockport. He was a classic artists’ artist. We have several pieces of his work. My wife and I are moving to a smaller home . I was an Eastern Airlines pilot, and now retired, living in Coconut Grove, Florida. I am looking for a good home for his art.

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